At its very core, the fundamentals of Robotics looks a lot like discussing the philosophy of life and understanding how we work in terms of mathematical equations.

Hobbies and Interests

        Okay, this would be a bit redundant - I love designing circuits, programming and do my own kind of break-dance (MJ's had a pretty good influence on my moves). I read a lot of novels; Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings being my favorite. I'm passionate about Physics which, at times, unwittingly transmutes into a likely source of consternation to applied-math haters.

        Though I like to brand myself a legendary cook, most people who have had the fortune of having the food prepared exclusively by me would beg to disagree on my exquisite culinary skills (My survival skills had earlier been honed by my experience with the hostel food and I currently survive on a diet that centers on cereals, pasta and pizza). I occasionally play video games (I had been an avid gamer once - some of the fun wore off when I realized I had to wear spectacles).

        I watch movies quite often, though with much trepidation and praying that it does not make me regret towards the end of the two long hours. To be frank, I am not a great fan of stereotypical movies. Anything with a new theme, concept or an idea would be awesome. Some of my favorites are Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, Mr. Bean, Matilda, Avatar and X-Men.

Favorite Programming Languages

C/C++, HTML/Javascript, Python and Matlab

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